Global In-House Market Report: Italy

Nicoletta Ravida Market Insight, Salary Guide

The 2018 Global In-House Report is an overview of hiring trends from a variety of sources, from the local knowledge of experienced consultants to our regional salary guides through to general market sentiment derived from interviews with senior contacts.
Below is an extract from the Italian section. The full report contains market insights for Germany, the Middle East, Turkey, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom and North America.
The Italian Legal Market
Italy has a large number of qualified lawyers and amongst the highest in Europe. There are circa 238,000 qualified lawyers over a population of 60 million which is equal to 3.9 lawyers every 1,000 habitants. To this figure we need to add about 1,000 in-house counsel (although this number might vary as there is no compulsory registry). Once you complete your law degree you can either qualify as an “Avvocato” and this requires a two year mandatory traineeship, after which you are eligible to take a written and oral exam (which normally takes a year to complete as timings are very long). Alternatively you can directly move in-house and start working as in-house counsel (Giurista d’Impresa). An Avvocato can also decide to move in-house but in this case they must cancel their registration with the Bar and can no longer plead before the courts. 
Companies generally decide to bring their legal resources in-house when their external legal fees exceed c.$230,000 per annum. The cost/benefit analysis of legal spend appears straight-forward as a lawyer on a salary of half of this amount still represents a significant cost saving. However, it is not always the case that recruiting a lawyer leads to a reduction in external legal fees. Quite often it can be the exact opposite; an in-house lawyer can critically examine legal practices and processes and potentially uncover issues that have previously been ignored or dealt with at a basic level, which can increase the work that needs to be briefed out to law firms. 





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